How to read the tablesEdit

  • Crush Attack/Exposure means Crush Attack, Crush Exposure.
  • Frugal/Wasteful means Frugal the beneficial effect which is listed.
    Wasteful in most cases is the opposite negative effect which is not listed.

Attack/Defense RelatedEdit

All increments multiply by a %. If you have 0 in the category, it's still 0.

Sunder Attack/Exposure Increases Sunder Attack/Defence
Crush Attack/Exposure Increases Crush Attack/Defence
Pierce Attack/Exposure Increases Pierce Attack/Defence
Blaze Attack/Exposure Increases Blaze Attack/Defence
Freeze Attack/Exposure Increases Freeze Attack/Defence
Spark Attack/Exposure Increases Spark Attack/Defence
Divine Attack/Exposure Increases Divine Attack/Defence
Attack Power/B Overall Attack Increases overall attack of both guns and blades
Hidden Attack

300% damage + 100% chance of debuff*
for the first strike against an enemy that is outside of combat.
*only if your weapon has debuffs
and the enemy is not resistant to the debuff

Exterminator Increases overall attack against monsters
you do not have to kill during missions
Survival Instinct (Wild Instinct?) Increases overall attack when low on heath
Dexterous/Clumsy Decreases time taken to weapon form change
Auto Aim Grants automatic lock-on of enemies when they're in sight
Venom Adds poison effect to weapons
Hold Adds hold (paralyse) effect to weapons
Bind Adds bind (seal) effect to weapons
Debuff Attack/B Add Debuff Increases chance of inflicting status ailments
Venom Resistance
/Double Poison
Decreases chance of being poisoned
/Doubles chance of poison of monsters
Stun Resistance
/Double Stun
Decreases chance of being stunned
/Doubles chance of stun of monsters
Leak Resistance Decreases chance of being leaked
Jamming Resistance Decreases chance of being jammed
B Resist Debuff Decreases chance of being inflicted with status ailments
B Gun Attack Increases gun attack
Ammo Master Increases damage of shot bullets
Laser Master Increases damage of laser bullets
Bomb Master Increases damage of blast bullets
Pyro Master Increases damage of radius bullets
B Recovery Bullet Decreases OP consumption of recovery bullets
Bullet Effect Increases damage of Aragami bullets
B Bullet Retrieval Increases no. Aragami bullets obtained from devouring
Disable Homing Disables homing effect of bullets
Gun Form Lock-On Grants guns the lock-on that blades have
Disables manual aiming
Oracle Increases OP gauge
B OP Recovery Increases rate of natural OP gauge recovery
Devour Intake Increases OP recovery through devouring
Frugal/Wasteful Decreases bullet OP consumption
Trigger Happy OP cost of bullets is split between ST gauge and OP gauge
Oracle Intake/B OP Absorption Increases rate of OP replenishment when attacking monsters
B Blade Attack Increases blade attack
B Mid-Air Attack Increases strength of blade attacks done in air
Blade Master/Sword Master 50% more damage to monster weak spots,
50% less damage for other spots.
Ineffective against monsters that have no/difficult weak spots
Combo Master/B Combo Master Increases damage of consistent attacking
Blade Speed Decreases swing speed of blades.
All Out Attack Stamina will be consumed in exchange for
more damage during blade attacks
B Lifesteal Blade Grants HP Absorption to blade attacks
Impulse Edge Increases damage of Impulse Edge
Charge Attack Increases damage of Charged Attack
Charge Speed Decreases time taken to Charge weapon
Burst Duration Increases duration of Burst
Health Increases HP gauge
B HP Recovery Auto-recovery of HP
Overall Exposure/B Exposure Increases overall defence
Firm Stand/B Firm Stand You will survive an attack that would normally kill you
if you have at least 51 HP
Knockback Decreases distance when knockbacked by monsters
Drama Queen (Exaggerated) Grants knockback effect from all enemy attacks for comedic effect
Supposedly you won't get knockbacked at all when in burst mode.
Needs confirmation.
Guard Exposure/B Guard Protection Increases guard's effectiveness
B ST Half on Guard Decreases guarding's use of stamina by 50%
Guard Area Increases guard radius from frontal to back as well
Auto Guard You will guard automatically against an attack if you're inactive
Prepared/B Prepared You will survive an attack that would normally kill you if you guard
Stamina Increases ST gauge
Stamina Recovery/B ST Recovery Increases rate of natural ST recovery
Athlete/Out of Shape Decreases rate of ST depletion
Sluggish Decreases movement speed
Step Distance Increases Steps distance
Steps Master Decreases Steps usage of ST bar
Calm Breather/Short of Breath Decreases out of breath time
Mid-Air Jump Grants double jump

Ability Grants RelatedEdit

Sensitive/B Sensitive/Untrackable Grants ability see all enemies on the map
Tracking Time Increases tracking time when monster is out of view
Enemy HP Vision
/B Enemy HP Vision
Grants HP vision of tracked monsters on map-
The more dull the red dot the less HP the monster has
Muted/Noisy Decreases chance of being detected by monster
Air/B Air/Presence/B Presence
/B Enemy Focus
Decreases chance of being targeted by monster
Greedy/Hesitant Increases no. of materials when devouring
Gourmet/Junk Eater Increases no. of rares when devouring
God of Rare Drops Everyone in party gets Gourmet
Connoisseur/Amateur Increases chance of finding vendor items (Stack with other)
Vendor Rate Gives all members Connoisseur effect.
Lucky/Unfortunate Increases no. rares in compensation items
Rare Bonus Rate Gives all members Lucky effect (Lucky can be stacked)

Item RelatedEdit

Item Usage Speed/B Item Spd/B Heal Item Spd Increases item usage speed
Item Effects/B Item Effects Increase effectiveness of healing items
Effect Duration/B Item Duration Increases duration of item effects

NPCs RelatedEdit

Charisma/Coward Increases NPC's attack power
Acrobat Team Increases NPCs steps distance
Covert Team Grants Mute effect to all NPCs
Giving/Self-Sacrifice/Recovery Rescue/Defensive Increases amount of HP used in Link-Aid of NPCs
B Link-Aid Boost Decreases the amount of HP lost,
and increases the amount healed to ally in Link-Aid.
Medic/Medical Specialist(Surgeon)
Decreases time taken to revive NPCS.
Wrath of Revenge Grants an instant burst when an NPC is K.O-ed